The sawmill has a capacity of approximate 50 000  board feet of sawn lumber per day. Once the logs enter the mill a ring debarker removes the bark prior to the primary breakdown. The primary brake down consists of a twin canter and a thin kerf twin saw making chips out of the outer slabs, side boards and two sided cants.   The secondary brake down is a canter bull where a set of chipping heads removes the slabs and a set of thin kerf guided saws cuts the cants into boards. A Chipping edger is re-edging all side boards and returns form the trimmer. A drop saw trimmer cuts all lumber to the proper length prior being stacked for the lumber dryer.

The bark is sold for biomass, the wood chips from the sawmill are sold to the pulp mill, the sawdust is processed in the pellet mill, the green lumber is dried and processed into value added products.