Go natural for peace of mind

Much has been said and studied regarding the health and environmental risks associated with the chemicals used to pressure treat lumber for exterior applications such as decks.  Though the use of arsenic has been discontinued, most of us would admit that we do not feel totally comfortable with the unknown impacts of these products.

Why not take the worry out of your deck build and go natural?  There are installation strategies and techniques that can help you achieve a “healthy” deck with natural, untreated decking that will have rot resistance comparable to a one built with pressure treated products.  Some ideas you may want to consider:

  • Rot normally begins in areas where wood contacts wood or some other porous material such as concrete.  Always ensure that your decking is adequately gapped to permit quick drying of all surfaces in spring, summer and fall and adequate drainage during mild winter weather.
  • There are several very effective rot prevention treatments on the market that you can apply yourself.  Why not coat the underside of your decking before installation.  Then you can go barefoot without worry!
  • Combining the use of factory treated wood for structural members of your deck and using natural product for the decking is a compromise that ensures longevity of your build while protecting you and your family from direct contact with pressure treating chemicals.

Quality and specifications

Cottles Decking is offered in the same widths and thicknesses as its pressure treated counterparts.  Choose our 6″ planks for areas where faster installation and fewer seams are key concerns or our 4″ planks where more vibrant visual detail is your objective.  All of our decking is a standard 1″ thick with an ample corner radius to ensure an attractive surface that’s safe for even the littlest feet.






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